Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Intention

Touch – an important sense for us. Amongst several touches in our lifespan, there are a few that stay behind with us, making us uncomfortable, question what was the intention behind them. They never quite leave us unless we learn to confront them instead of burying them like our guilty secret.  This painting is a reminder that molestation is insidious and common and unfortunately torments the victim than the abuser.

The Iceberg

Buried under the chatter of our conscious mind lies are our being. The being synthesized from our beliefs, emotions, talents and ideas that ultimately form us. The subconscious mind, a nebulous core is our information archive, yet most it lies dormant and unexposed. All we can see is the tip of the iceberg 


While the world advocates aggression and stern pointed sword to depict men, the painting is a subtle reminder that the more a man is rooted, closer to Earth, the more he can light the world up like the mighty sun. 

The Storm

There’s a storm brewing within each of us. Our senses and emotions are in overload with the excess technology exposure and disconnect from nature. The question is what will this storm leave behind in its wake.  

Windows Within

Every time we open a window within us, we can peek into something new about us. Much like open a new dimension with us. We’ve kept so many doors and windows closed. Do you wonder what will happen if you open a new window within? 


A world beyond ours, and dimensions that co-exist. Do we need scientific proof when they can very well be explored through art.