Monday, April 3, 2017

The Reachers

We all want to reach our dreams. Some singularly focus on dreams and some get distracted. And yet, every time we reach a dream, a new one takes form compelling us to keep reaching out again.


We often learn to feel about ourselves through the eyes of others. What if those eyes refuse to meet us? Turning away in shame, guilt, fear or anger. If one half of the gender feels unsafe, 
we are responsible for it. 


This work is a representation of how one half of the world feels – Women trying hard to hide their beauty from prying eyes and their talents from wagging tongues. What would the world become if both the halves lived in acceptance of each other?    


A representation of those who live their life as though it’s a game of chess – victory is quintessential. In the constant struggle of winning and losing, the whole life passes by in shadows, with only limited moves left when you look beyond the game.     

The Path

In life the path always appears – more riskier, more dangerous but always full of adventures. What will you  choose – to walk the path or keep plodding on along the safe road?


Behind posed smiles and fake pouts for the world, somewhere there is real us. 
The real us that weeps, that shouts and laughs uninhibitedly. Don’t you wish the cameras could 
capture the real us – unmasked!     

The Clockwork

In this cold, cynical world, with kindness hidden deep inside us, someone just needs to tug us; and we spin. We spin according them, what they want us to feel and express, all the while thinking
 we are in charge.    

The Pedestal

Since the beginning of time, men took on the mantle of being the providers, the leaders, the heroes. It’s time we realise who built these heroes. Visionaries and future shapers built by the nurturers, the supporters, the martyrs who have ghost-written both, the history and the future.   

The Waiting

What if the grim reaper is waiting behind the veil? He’s always been waiting, watching every movement of yours. Until that moment – the moment you become his and he takes you to the 
other side! 

The Long Run

This work is a reflection of the corporate world that seduces you to focus on short-term success often crushing hopes and dreams in the long run. It is meant to pose the question – is it worth it?

Hope Floats

This work is a reflection of the real world with it’s ragged, sharp edges ready to burst hopes. But only if one could find light amongst the darkness, they find a way to make keep their hopes and
 dreams afloat. 


A work to bring to light the disturbing practice of female genital mutation, practiced in Africa, Asia and Middle East. Her body is hers alone, and not a slave to archaic religious laws.  

The Other Side

A painting inspired by the chilling thought of what if the dead want to reach out
 to us - tell us about their incomplete dreams or have a message for us.
Would you be open to it?

The Inner World

The painting is inspired by the world inside our minds; 
mired by black and white but mostly grey - confused, fearful and unexplored.

Aham Brahmasmi

A work inspired by the Hindu philosophy. 
Aham Brahmasmi means ‘I am the Infinite Reality’. It portrays our endless,
 creative nature which goes beyond ego and self-identity.